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Technical Scope

Optical fibre sensors continue to represent the core of the Workshop, but the scope has been expanded to reflect growing new applications, new techniques and material interactions of fibre optic technology especially in the life sciences. Relevant topics include, but are not limited by:

  • Physical and Mechanical Sensors:
    Temperature, Pressure, Strain, Vibration, Acceleration, Flow, Rotation, Displacement.
  • Sensors for Electromagnetic Phenomena:
    Magnetic field, Electric field, Current, Voltage.
  • Chemical, Environmental, Biochemical and Medical Sensors:
    Spectroscopic techniques, Environmental monitoring, Instrumentation for the life-sciences, Biophotonics, In vivo applications, OCT.
  • Interferometric & Polarimetric Sensors:
    Gyroscopes, Hydrophones, Geophones, Magnetometers, Acoustic Sensor Arrays.
  • Distributed Sensing:
    Time, Frequency and coherence domain reflectometry, Rayleigh, Raman and Brillouin detection techniques, Sensing cable designs.
  • Multiplexing and Sensor Networking:
    Topologies and theories, Multiplexing techniques, System applications studies.
  • Passive & Active Devices for Photonic Sensing:
    Sources, Detectors, Modulators, Specialty fibres, Integrated optics devices, Fibre gratings, MEMS, Micro-optic components.
  • New Concepts for Photonic Sensing:
    2D and 3D photonic crystals, Hollow core fibres, Photonic crystal fibres.
  • Nanophotonics:
    Nanomaterials and nano-optical devices, Metamaterials, Diffractive optics.
  • Signal Processing applied to Optical Fibre Sensors:
    Genetic Algorithms, Neural Networks, Data fusion, Pattern Recognition, Classification analysis, Statistical Methods.
  • System Applications and Field Trials:
    Including metrology; Process control, Avionics, Condition and environmental monitoring.
  • Smart Structures and Smart Materials
    Surveillance networks for buildings, Monitoring for material fatigue, Stress monitoring of aircrafts, Smart materials.

We are inviting specialists in sensing from academia and industry to submit their latest research results as high quality journal paper manuscripts.