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Paper Submission

Only on-line submission of the summaries will be accepted.

All manuscripts must be converted to PDF prior to their submission. Please, avoid setting up user and/or master passwords in the PDF file.

Deadline for submission: February 9th, 2007.

What do you need for the on-line submission? 

  1. Paper title, keywords, abstract text (approximately 200 words);
  2. Authors’ information;
  3. Corresponding author’s information;
  4. 4-page summary in PDF format:  see paper guidelines page;
  5. Shortly after the manuscript submission, a filled out and signed transfer of copyright form should be submitted by fax (to 0039 0824 305846) or e-mail to submission.ewofs07@unisannio.it: see paper guidelines page.

Regular submissions for EWOFS 2007 are now closed. Please see Post-deadline Papers section.