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Special Session

A special session focused on “MARKET OPPORTUNITIES” will open the workshop on Wednesday 4th of July morning before the official kick-off of the workshop. This session will provide an unique overview on the technologies of optical fibre sensors from the research levels to the commercial applications. This special session is given by well recognized people in the field of optical fibre sensors and is targeted at all photonic scientists and engineers highly interested in the incredible growth of new technologies and in the wide diffusion of optical fibre sensors. Here a variety of fibre sensor technologies, applications and market overviews will be presented.


Mr. David Huff

[David Huff]

Vice President, Marketing and Business Development
Optoelectronics Industry Development Association
1133 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 600 Washington, DC 20036

“Fiber Optic Sensing Technology: Emerging Markets and Trends”

Panel Discussion

Well selected invited speakers will share with the audience their knowledge and experience on the market opportunities offered by fibre optical sensors. Several cases with different starting-point conditions will be presented for various areas within the sensing technology. It will be an excellent opportunity for questions and discussions.


Dr. Thomas Bosselmann

[Thomas Bosselmann]

Project Manager & Principal Engineer
Transducer Systems Corporate Technology Siemens AG
Günther-Scharowski Str. 1 D-91052 Erlangen, Germany

“Market potentials for fiber optic sensors in the energy sector”

Life Science

Prof. William B. Spillman Jr

[William B. Spillman Jr]

Department of Biomedical Sciences and Pathobiology Virginia/Maryland
Regional College of Veterinary Medicine Virginia Tech Blacksburg, Virginia 24061 USA

“Photonic Sensing Technology: Currents and Trends”

Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors

Dr. Alexis Mendez

[Alexis Mendez]

MCH Engineering, LLC 1728 Clinton Ave. Alameda, CA 94501, USA

“Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors: A Market Overview”

Standards and guidelines

Dr. Wolfgang R. Habel

[TWolfgang R. Habel]

Head of the Working Group “Fibre Optic Sensors”
Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), Division VIII.1: Measurement and Testing Technology; Sensors
Unter der Eichen 87, D-12205 Berlin/Germany

“Standards and guidelines - could they enhance user confidence in fibre sensor technology?”


Dr. David Hill

[David Hill]

Commercial Responsible
QinetiQ Ltd, Winfrith Technology Centre, Winfrith Newburgh, Dorchester, Dorset DT2 8XJ. United Kingdom

“The evolution and exploitation of the fibre-optic hydrophone”

Aeronautics and Aerospace

Prof. Jose Manuel Menendez Martin

[Jose Manuel Menendez Martin]

Composites Development Engineering
AIRBUS España, P° John Lennon s/n, Getafe, 28806 Spain

“Market opportunities on fiber optic sensors for aeronautics and aerospace applications”