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Optical Fibre Sensor

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Since the first patents on optical fibre sensors were filed rapidly growing interest in this technology has been stimulated through international high quality forums, conferences and meetings.

The International Optical Fibre Sensors series has traveled the world reaching its 17th presentation in 2005. In addition, the unique advantages over conventional sensing technologies have stimulated the creation of small and medium enterprises, public and private R&D environments actively operating in the field.

The enormous increase in sensing requirements in many industrial fields in conjunction with technology advancements have created a new range of opportunities for business and research investments. Application niches are emerging and all feature interdisciplinarity and integration as key points. In addition, significant innovations are expected due to the integration with emerging and attractive nano-technologies for the development of new class of devices and systems.

Based on this line of argument, EWOFS 2007 meeting has the mandatory role to provide an excellent forum to plan and define future perspectives and directions to enhance and assess the role of fibre optic sensors technology. Contributions describing new concepts and philosophies for sensing principles, new materials, transducers configurations, optoelectronics, system architectures, sensors networks, in field trials, among others are welcome.