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How to get to Napoli

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By plane

Napoli airport is well linked with the most important European cities. International Airport of Capodichino is situated not far from the centre of the city. From the Airport, a regular bus service is available to reach the centre of the city and the Conference Hotel, bus lines 3S and 14 connect the airport to the main train station, "Napoli Centrale", every 20 minutes.

In addition, Italy has several airports connected with many world cities: the most important are Milan and Rome airport. They are well connected with Napoli airport (Airport of Capodichino) by local flights.

By train

Napoli can be reached by train from Rome in about two hours. All trains stop in the main station "Napoli Centrale" (or "Napoli Piazza Garibaldi", in the same location, but underground). Please, consult the Trenitalia railway timetable to find a suitable train.

By car

Napoli is located about 240 km south of Rome. From north take A1 motorway to Napoli.

Taxi service

You can call a taxi at one of the following numbers:

  • Radio Taxi Napoli: (+39) 081 5564444
  • Radio Partenope: (+39) 081 5560202
  • CO.TA.NA.: (+39) 081 5707070